“Few cats in the Valley epitomize old-school DJ culture than Mr. P-body. 
For more than 16 years, the performer has worked turntables at practically
every major club -- both past and present -- in metro Phoenix ”
                                      -- Phoenix New Times 2013    (read more)http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/uponsun/2013/03/mr_p-body.php
“A record-spinning Valley institution since the days of vinyl, 
Mr. P-Body is a fairly ubiquitous nightlife and day-party fixture.. 
a master of aural ambiance.”
(101 fun things to do in Arizona: Hire Mr. P-Body to DJ Your Party.  #87)
                                          -- Phoenix Magazine 2010    (read more)
“Keep Listening to DJ MR. P-body. He spins everywhere 
and for almost every crowd, because he has a preternatural
ability to zero in on what the crowd wants, when it wants it.”
                                                    -- Arizona Republic    (read more)
Voted The Valley’s “Favorite Special Event DJ”  
            -- Arizona Foothills Magazine, 2012 & 2013    (read more)
Resident DJ of “SESSION” at OH Pool at Hotel Valley Ho
#1 “Top 5 Valley Pool Scenes”  
                                     -- Phoenix Magazine, 2014    (read more)  http://www.phoenixmag.com/digitalEdition/index.php?wv=s/Phoenix%20Magazine/d9e56e41bf014fdeac603c7974cd7413/PHX00536/Cover.html
Resident DJ of “SESSION” the Pool Party at Hotel Valley Ho
Voted “Best Pool Party”  
                        -- Arizona Foothills Magazine, 2014    (read more)  http://www.arizonafoothillsmagazine.com/bestof/entertainment/best-nightlife-cocktails-2014
                                                PHOTO CREDITS:  www.jacquecphotography.comhttp://www.phoenixmag.com/digitalEdition/index.php?wv=s/Phoenix%20Magazine/d9e56e41bf014fdeac603c7974cd7413/PHX00536/Cover.html